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SOURCING at MAGIC is pleased to continue our long-standing partnership with Hey Social Good to verify and rank our exhibitors for their Sustainable and Social Good Practices. The Verified Sustainable and Medal Ranking that is awarded to each company reflects the hard work and dedication that goes toward adopting sustainable practices. As part of the vetting process, we cross check each company’s positive impacts with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, including social responsibility, responsible production, ethical practices, and environmental practices—all of which speak to SOURCING at MAGIC's commitment to sustainability and the eradication of  green washing across the fashion industry. 


We first define a company as working on sustainability if multiple of the following practices are in process or adopted:  

  • The sustainable footprint of a product and packaging by considering compostability, recyclability, reusability, etc.
  • Source goods and products sustainably and responsibly by seeking renewable resources, providing fair labor practices, and more.
  • Reduce and/or offset energy use, carbon emissions and water impacts during a company’s manufacturing, production and operations processes. 
  • Eliminate, reduce, or offset energy or gas used for distribution and/or transportation practices.
  • Sustainably manage waste generated by manufacturing, production, and office operations.  

Our sustainability ranking considers the above practices as a minimum. In addition, a company must transparently demonstrate its sustainable practices in order to meet our minimum sustainability criteria.

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Trusted by thousands of key industry professionals.

"We've done other sourcing shows before but we wanted to try SOURCING at MAGIC because it has more of a guaranteed audience. We heard that the sustainability section was moving all the way to the front, and we knew we would have a lot better visibility. We had quite a bit of action at our booth."

GBS Trend | Verified Sustainable Exhibitor



“SOURCING at MAGIC is always unique for me, and I've been coming here a very long time. This time I found a lot of social give back opportunities, so that was great for our company since we've been looking to give back. The big push for sustainability is here and you had a lot of options so that made things easier. ”

DOMINISII | CEO | Attending Buyer



“The opportunities in the [sustainability] space is the get to see the humans behind these products, behind the materials, behind everything. If you give knowledge to your sustainability steps and your product in general, you're giving knowledge to your consumer, and that gives your consumer power too on a purchase. ”

Recycle2Riches | Social Good Row Partner




Hey Social Good is a social impact tech company that reviews and verifies the environmental, social, and governance practices of private and public businesses. The platform awards medal rankings from bronze to platinum to sustainable, ethical, and socially conscious businesses, facilities and organizations, working to make a positive impact on people and the planet. Hey Social Good conducts social good assessment and verification on brands, companies, non-profit organizations and supply chain operators, including manufacturers and suppliers.

The Hey Social Good SGA team is composed of established data scientists, research scientists and domain knowledge data analysts. The SGA team is headed by Dr. Cindy J Lin, who previously worked at the US Environmental Protection Agency on standards development, research science, and environmental policy to restore polluted natural resources.

The SGA team has a combined 50+ years of scientific research experience with multiple PhDs and masters degrees. The specialty areas of expertise include: environmental science, data science, sustainability innovations, green infrastructure, ecosystem and environmental health, water quality, air pollution, environmental engineering, toxicology, public and social health, ecology, biophysics, and health sciences. Lastly, the SGA team is composed of scientists and analysts who are multilingual, and can review information and data in Chinese, Spanish and Tamil (Indian language).




Check out our Verified Sustainable Exhibitors who were awarded at our most recent February 2024 SOURCING at MAGIC Las Vegas event. 

Exhibitor Shipping Country Company Description
1SOCK2SOCK Turkiye 1SOCK2SOCK offers environmentally preferred materials, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. They demonstrate a robust commitment to social compliance policies, ensuring that employees receive fair pay and treatment. In pursuit of this goal, they conduct third-party audits, including SEDEX assessments.
Aitken Spence (Garments) Ltd Sri Lanka Aitken Spence (Garments) Ltd is committed to sustainability and social responsibility by offering a comprehensive sustainability policy and implementation framework. They participate in global initiatives such as the UN Global Compact and Women's Empowerment Principles, where the company has received recognition for its sustainability efforts, including being highlighted with Sri Lanka's Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Award for three consecutive years. The company is WRAP certified and complies with labor and safety practices. Portugal is dedicated to achieving textile circularity by fully recycling their textile waste. The waste is crushed into filling paste or industrial cloths, ensuring repurposing rather than discarding. Moreover, the company has installed solar panels to generate renewable energy and reduce energy consumption. Additionally, selects suppliers that are certified, ethical, and operate with renewable energy sources.
Alianza Color S.A.C. Peru Alianza Color S.A.C. achieved their first star in the Carbon Footprint Achievement Program, demonstrating their dedication to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They prioritize sustainable manufacturing practices, including environmentally friendly production processes and sourcing materials from reliable suppliers. They also emphasize fair trade and believe in the power of creating positive change through ethical practices.
Araujo, Irmaos, Lda Portugal Araújo, Irmãos, Lda strongly commits to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. They invest in photovoltaic panels and LED lighting to cut energy consumption and enforce a sustainability code of conduct in the textile industry. The company prioritizes eco-friendly products, employs advanced waste treatment equipment for water reuse, and conducts audits and certifications to enhance organizational and service quality.
Bernet International LLC United States Bernet International LLC engages in responsible sourcing by recommending mills with certifications such as Oeko-Tex 100, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001:2015, among others. They take steps to reduce waste by buying post-industrial and post-consumer waste streams and turning them into usable fiber. They offer organic cotton options and sustainable fabrics like recycled polyester.
CO&TEX SAS Colombia CO&TEX SAS has a state-of-the-art industrial wastewater treatment plant that exceeds Colombian environmental standards. They recycle and reduce their annual environmental impact by approximately 400 tons of waste. They ensure they meet the emissions permits issued by the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Risaralda. They are dedicated to social projects, supporting programs such as nursing homes, foundations for healing and rehabilitation, and educational programs.
Delta Garments Ltd. Pakistan Delta Garments Ltd. demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility by being GOTS-certified, which ensures their garments are made using organic and environmentally friendly materials, and have exceptional social compliance practices. The company utilizes solar panels to generate 25% of their electricity, reducing their carbon footprint.
Do-Gree Sourcing Indonesia Do-Gree Sourcing maintains stringent requirements for every factory with which it collaborates, ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, and the elimination of child and forced labor. The company has implemented a Supplier Workplace Code of Conduct and is committed to continuous improvement in this area. Collaborating with designers, they incorporate eco-friendly design elements and materials into their products. Do-Gree Sourcing works with materials such as Polylana®, organic cotton, Repreve® fiber, Tencel®, and organic wool. Moreover, their packaging, trim options, and manufacturing processes prioritize environmentally preferred materials.
EBI Fabrics Corporation United States EBI Fabrics Corporation is a family-owned company based in California with over 25 years of operation. They uphold strict worker policies and are dedicated to using recycled materials for all new development fabrics. The company is also transitioning existing fabric qualities to recycled options in the near future. EBI employs direct digital printing machines to minimize water and dye waste, as well as energy consumption. Additionally, they offers materials that are certified under the Recycled Claim Standard and UNIFI REPREVE Standard.
Gallant International, Inc. United States Gallant International, Inc. is a certified B Corp, signifying their commitment to verified social and sustainable practices. They specialize in supplying ethically and sustainably made products, prioritizing transparency and traceability throughout their supply chain. They actively support initiatives such as Regenerative Organic Certified™, Fairtrade America, and Fair Trade USA. For instance, they invest in farmers located in India to facilitate the transition of land to Regenerative Organic Certified™ status. Notably, Gallant has introduced Terra Thread, a brand offering exclusively Regenerative Organic Certified™ cotton bags and accessories.
GBS Trend Inc. United States GBS Trend Inc. is deeply committed to ethical practices, ensuring fair labor conditions throughout their supply chain and promoting transparency and accountability by conducting third-party on-site audits of their facilities regularly. This commitment reflects their prioritization of the well-being of artisans and workers involved in garment creation. They adhere to a code of conduct in their policies and procedures which prioritize suppliers that use solar energy and hold Oeko-Tex certificates.
Hangzhou Sinocan (Mode Sinocan) China Hangzhou Sinocan Trading Co. Ltd  (Mode Sinocan) has implemented various sustainability initiatives, including the use of recycled polybags, encouraging employees to use public transportation or e-cars with subsidies, and employing recycled paper for price tickets. They prefer toxic-free dyes like reactive print and water-based print, and they require suppliers to have BSCI, WRAP, or SEDEX certifications.
Idecal Ltda Colombia Idecal Ltda is dedicated to producing goods in an ethical and sustainable manner. They ensure safe and fair working conditions in their factories, provide training for their employees, and reduce their carbon footprint through domestic production. Additionally, they prioritize supporting Colombian workers and their families.
Ingenitex Ltd United Kingdom Ingenitex works on offering environmentally preferred materials including using Certified organic cottons, recycled cottons, and recycled and regenerated yarns. They are reducing their carbon footprint with Certified Carbon Emission reports and ensure their factories include solar energy. They collaborate with dye houses that prioritize water conservation and use non-toxic dyes.
Internet Exports India LLP India Internet Exports India LLP (IEI) is compliant with social and labor audits, work to curb air and water pollution by installing effluent treatment plants and using eco-friendly and harmless chemicals for dyeing and printing. They are dedicated to creating a healthy and productive work atmosphere and deliver products that prioritize sustainability and social responsibility.
Intime Knits Pvt Ltd. India Intime Knits Pvt Ltd. offer environmentally preferred materials, such as better cotton, organic cotton, eco viscose, recycled cotton, and recycled polyester. They use water processing treatment post-dyeing to mitigate harmful discharges, are GOTS certified, and provide fair wages and proper review of their employees well-being.
Intimo Industry United States Intimo Industry adopts sustainably forward practices such as using sustainable yarn options and manufacturing in Los Angeles to reduce their carbon footprint. Their dyeing partners prioritize wastewater treatment and water conservation, and they use recycled and compostable packaging.
Lucky Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd. Pakistan Lucky Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd. obtained the Made in Green certification, which ensures their products are environmentally friendly and tested for harmful substances.The company invested in solar and wind energy, offsetting a significant amount of carbon footprint annually. They have their own effluent water treatment plant and are planning to install a waste water recycling plant, reducing water consumption and promoting sustainability.
Masonic Regalia International Pakistan Masonic Regalia International implemented practices in their Strategic Human Resource Management system to promote gender equality, ensuring women have equal opportunities within the organization. They are transitioning to Solar Technology with a three-year plan aimed at utilizing sustainable and clean energy to reduce carbon emissions in electricity production in Pakistan. They use toxic-free ink and work with manufacturing partners and suppliers who are strictly compliant with international standards and local fair wage laws.
Master Italia Spa Italy Master Italia Spa has incorporated sustainability into its corporate strategy since 2018 and partnered with organizations like 3Bee to monitor and protect biodiversity. They have a sustainability framework in place, focusing on materials like recycled cotton, organic cotton, and recycled polyester.
N.C. John Garments Private Limited India N.C. John Garments Private Limited is dedicated to building the most extensive collection of sustainable fibers globally. They operate a fully certified factory powered by renewable energy and are engaged in various sustainability practices, such as the use of recycled polyester to reduce resource extraction and energy consumption.
Prime Wind Co., Ltd. China Prime Wind Co., LTD offers environmentally preferred materials, including organic cotton, silk, bamboo, lyocell, tencel, and recycled polyester. They utilize plant reactive dye, a sustainable alternative to synthetic dyes, and strive to incorporate non-chemical compounds into other aspects of the production process.
Texturerias Mexico Texturerias is dedicated to producing garments with minimal environmental impact by using recycled materials and sourcing rainwater in their manufacturing processes. They conduct product testing to ensure compliance with meeting the limited chemical RSL and MRSL standards. They prioritize fair wages for workers, provide comprehensive training, and offer RSL-free bags.
WFS Cashmere Industry Co., Ltd China WFS Cashmere Industry Co., Ltd requires its suppliers and affiliates to uphold ethical commitments, including sustainable practices, fair trade, and animal welfare guidelines. Their facilities are awarded certifications such as "BSCI", "WRAP", "ISO9001", and "OEKO-TEX standard 100". They value their crafts workers by providing fair wages, reasonable working hours, and a clean and safe environment.
Wonder Raw Lda. Portugal Wonder Raw is dedicated to sustainable practices, with a steadfast focus on the fundamental pillars of its commitment to sustainability. The company incorporates 100% Organic Cotton fabric in all five base models, and their digital printing solution is free of pre-treatments, steaming, and washing, thereby enabling reduced consumption and waste. Wonder Raw also utilizes eco-friendly inks free of phthalates and heavy metals. Moreover, the company actively participates in circular systems by reusing raw materials to minimize waste streams.
Wuxi Everbright International Co., Ltd China Wuxi Everbright International Co., Ltd. invests in the future of the community by highlighting employee wellbeing as a priority. They strive to minimize the company's negative impact through carbon emission reduction and waste management. The company focuses on ensuring responsible supply chain management, reducing carbon emissions, and maximizing energy savings to support people and environmental stewardship.





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