✓ Register online and receive up-to-date SOURCING at MAGIC event info.

✓ Plan your Open to Buy:

    Review your merchandise sell-thru. Note textiles and materials for existing and upcoming orders, gaps in technology and services, and set up
    appointments in advance.

    Set your goals for discovering new manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers, and finding inspiration:

        → Follow @sourcingatmagic to stay up to date on new sourcing partners and trends.

        → View our growing Exhibitor List and get inspired to connect with new exhibitors.

✓ Plan on site show coverage with your staff.

    Tip: Don’t forget to register all staff members in advance so they can skip the line.

✓ Set discovery goals: Visit 10 new vendors per category to see what’s new and diversify your offerings.

✓ Log in to SOURCING at MAGIC Online—launching February 1, 2023—to explore exhibitors, education sessions, and more. Your Las Vegas registration grants you access to the online platform. Stay tuned to learn more.

Make the most of your visit:

✓ Start early so you aren’t rushed as you discover what’s new.

✓ Explore SOURCING at MAGIC partners in our online platform to find the booths and exhibitors you’ve planned to see, or search top categories.

✓ Walk row by row, floor by floor, and find the hidden gems that will make your offerings stand out.

✓ Don't be shy. If you see a busy booth, don’t be discouraged. Ask what time would be good for you to come back.

✓ Introduce yourself. You’ll enjoy the new relationships you make within this supportive community for years to come.

✓ Write your orders at the show to not miss out on merchandise.

✓ Take photos of what you buy. This makes it easier to remember your buys or share with your staff.  (Just remember to ask first!)


Continue your discovery:

✓ Continue the conversation, discover even more new partners, and gain insight into sourcing strategies and trends with SOURCING at MAGIC Online,
    open February 1 - March 31, 2023. Your Las Vegas registration grants you access to the online platform.

✓ Stay in touch with industry updates through @sourcingatmagic

✓ Review orders to make sure the delivery dates are correct.

✓ Confirm your orders with vendors.

✓ Follow up on orders you have placed. Make sure things are on time, shipping is in order, and there are no complications.

✓ Register for the next event early and receive trend updates and inspirations.